Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500's.

Site owners

With Umbraco it's incredibly easy to manage your site and focus on producing great content.

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Don't fear Umbraco, as it won't interfere with your beautiful CSS & HTML markup.

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Rapidly build your website using Umbraco with powerful API's and easy extensibility.

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You could argue that it’s one third the product, one third the knowledge sharing, and then one third the ecosystem: these are the key to success.

Why Umbraco

Powerful yet simple to use

With simple and customisable editing and content creation tools, it's easy to manage and maintain your website exactly how you want it. Umbraco doesn't dictate how you should work - that should be up to you, not your content management system.

Support for all

At Umbraco, support is paramount. We offer professional support regardless of the options you choose. From our dedicated core support team through to our friendly and helpful community at, we've got you covered.

Hello, Bonjour, Hej, Ciao

Not only can you publish great multilingual websites using Umbraco out of the box, you can also build in your chosen language with our multilingual back office tools.

Tons of ready to use packages

Our very active community site is full of handy packages for all kinds of tasks. With a range of free and commercial packages, it's easy to enhance your productivity and save time too!

Microsoft Word Support

Using familiar tools such as Microsoft Word™ or Windows LiveWriter™, you can write or edit your blog or news pages without even opening the browser.

Need to convince your boss?

If this all sounds great but you have to convince your boss, don't worry, we've got you covered. We have carefully crafted a document that outlines all that they need to know.

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live websites using Umbraco CMS

Full control over Design an Markup

There is nothing worse than a CMS deciding what markup you should use. That's why we give you 100% control over templating and output, with no limitations to your design.

CSS Control

We think editors are happier focusing on producing great content, not worrying about layout. Adding design guidelines for your editors to follow will allow you to specify which CSS rules your editors can use in the built-in wysiwyg editor, with human-friendly names you control. "Big Old Headline" makes a lot more sense to an editor than H1 right? And you can rest easy, knowing they're not destroying your design.

Javascript unlimited

Javascript is a huge part of the web today and Umbraco gives you full control. Create and organize your scripts. Make asynchronous applications. Extend the backoffice. No limitations! And as always you can use the backoffice or your favourite editor.

Starter Kits & Skins

Our starter kits take you from 0-to-done in minutes. These simple website starter kits let you install a site with great markup and apply a skin with great design. You can even change the default if you're feeling a bit creative.

Use your Favourite Editor

Using your editor of choice is easy, be it Visual Studio, WebMatrix, Notepad++, Dream Weaver or any other to modify your website. Or, if you prefer you can use our integrated web-based editor.


To get you up to speed quickly, we've created a series of free video tutorials. For more in depth how-to videos, you can sign up to Umbraco.TV for just 19EUR / 25USD per month.

Who use Umbraco?

There are nearly 90,000 sites using Umbraco around the world -everything from mom-and-pop
shops to global companies with dozens of sites in as many different languages.

Integrate .NET Controls

CTRL+C. CRTL+V = Umbraco Integration. We love .NET and we know you do too. But we also love working with .NET in ways we're familiar with. With this in mind, you can use .NET Custom Controls and User Controls without having to jump through hoops.


With built-in content cache and dynamic cache for macros your site is given a huge performance boost, ensuring a great experience for your site's visitors. You'll also have a great editing experience due to back-office CSS and JavaScript Optimization.

Easy to use API's

The Umbraco API gives you programmatic access to everything in the Umbraco CMS, plus the API is easy to use from Visual Studio or any other development tool.


With a very active forum, wiki, collaborative projects area, and "meet up" suggestion area, Umbraco truly is "the friendly CMS". This is thanks to the helpful and active community of users and developers.

Thorough documentation

Utilising an extensive and well documented API, you can import content from a legacy application/website, create and edit advanced user profiles or run scheduled maintenance.

The friendliest community

With a very active forum, wiki, collaborative projects area, and "meet up" suggestion area, Umbraco truly is "the friendly CMS". This is thanks to the helpful and active community of users and developers.

Umbraco is swift to adopt and use every day!

Umbraco Market Share

  • United States 44,228
  • Great Britain 22,542
  • Netherlands 15,063
  • Australia 12,913
  • Germany 10,344
  • Canada 9,993
  • Italy 3,485
  • France 2,310
  • Spain 1,208
  • Other 1,080